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Drive through Salt Lake City, and you will notice the variety of commercial construction projects currently underway throughout the area. You could even ask an SLC resident how things have changed since they first started living in the state, and they will most likely note how many businesses are choosing Utah for their home base. Anyone making that statement wouldn’t be wrong either.

In reality, Utah is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. Not only is the job market growing, but it is also regarded as one of the best places for recent graduates to move. But none of this would be possible without Utah’s booming commercial construction market behind it.

If you are considering setting up shop in Utah, you will have to decide which commercial construction contractors or companies in Salt Lake City is the right choice for your business. Since commercial construction in Salt Lake City is in higher demand than ever before, you will need to make your selection carefully. Before making your final choice, here is everything you should know about commercial construction in Salt Lake City.

Utah’s Industrial Build Process

Commercial contractors around the state usually undergo a bidding process for commercial projects. The company will submit drawings to a variety of contractors for them to work with as they present their bid. Those contractors will discuss the project parameters as a company, and with any sub-contractors, they will need to hire to complete the project needs.

Usually, these sub-contractors will submit a minimum of three bids on each work scope until a final proposal is selected. Once the subcontractor and price meet the commercial construction company’s standards, they will submit their bid.

If selected, they will enter into a contractor and begin the project. Usually, this entails selecting a Project Superintendent who will work on the job full time, making sure all work is done as discussed. The owner will work directly with the Project Superintendent to ensure everything is being completed to satisfaction, or if there are any revisions to be made.

With so many moving pieces in these types of projects, you must choose a commercial construction contractor that fits your standards, offers a bid that fits your budget, and provides a project structure that keeps things moving forward.

What Makes Commercial Construction in Salt Lake City Different

Salt Lake City is one of the most in-demand areas in the commercial market. Not only is it an excellent environment for business owners, but there are many contractors to work with that will help you create the space you need to succeed.

Cook Builders has been in the commercial construction world for 15 years. Over those years, our team has developed a construction process that ensures our clients get the best service possible. You can also trust us to find the best subcontractors in the business thanks to our ability to discern the professionals from the amateurs.

We know how much of a difference it makes to work with professional subcontractors, and that is why we will always do our part in finding the right team for your particular project.

Why Choose Cook Builders as Your Commercial Contractor 

Although Cook Builders has been working in the commercial industry for 15 years, we are still a relatively small company. However, being a smaller company is one of our biggest strengths. As our client, you will have direct access to working with Cook Builder’s owner, Nate Cook.

Nate is one of the most reputable commercial contractors in Salt Lake City. He has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, working with some of the state’s most successful companies. He enjoys working with clients, and ensuring that they are pleased with their project, offering complete transparency and project services.

If you decide on working with a larger contractor, you will most likely feel like an important client at first but quickly fall to the wayside as more projects fill their docket. At Cook Builders, you and your project matter.

The Cook Builders team takes pride in offering first-class service to each of our clients. We care about our work and make sure that each project fits the highest standards. Our services are designed to meet your needs, and we always make sure your project is done right and on time. Cook Builders is your top choice in Salt Lake City commercial contractors.

Trust us to deliver you with a high-quality commercial project. Contact us to learn more about our tried-and-trusted commercial services. You can also visit our commercial projects page to see some of our past Utah construction projects.