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We’ve been forging visions from start to finish since 2005. Our commercial preconstruction services align your goals with your budget and give you a crystal-clear view of the steps to project completion.

Capable, Competent, and Fully Equipped

With over 55 years of combined experience, Cook Builders is a reputable expert for preconstruction services across the nation. We provide the full kit, from top to bottom, so you don’t have to worry about any of the little details.

pre-construction building - architecture & engineering

Architecture & Engineering

At Cook Builders, we unify architecture and engineering to greatly enhance the impact of our preconstruction services. Our talented architects and commercial building engineers work together to deliver an eye-catching concept with flawless functionality.

Pre-construction blueprint services

Blueprints & Construction Documents

Our intricate commercial building blueprints illustrate our dedication to quality and meticulous craftsmanship. During the preconstruction phase, we’ll provide you with schematic designs that encompass every last detail of your project, from the sturdy foundation to the rooftop balcony.

building permit process and services

Building Permit Process

Don’t worry about obtaining a commercial building permit: we’ve got you covered. From the first draft to the final certificate, our experienced contractors will handle all of the complicated construction documents required to ensure your project adheres to state and federal regulations.

Bring Your Plans to Life

We’ve got the skills and the know-how to bring your plans to life. Whether your project is a commercial remodel or a brand-new skyscraper, you can count on Cook Builders to actualize your vision and exceed your expectations.

Meet Our Pre-Construction Managers

Andy Johnson - Cook Builders Project Manager - Utah commercial contractor
Andy Johnson
Austin Anderson - Cook Builders Operations Manager - Utah commercial contractor

Operations Manager

Miriam Stevens - Cook Builders Office manager
Miriam Stevens

Office Manager

Sharmi Raamiyan - Cook Builders Estimator - - Utah commercial contractor


Pre-Construction FAQs

You’ve Got Questions; We’ve Got Answers

With over 55 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about our industry. Here’s everything you need to know about commercial preconstruction services.

What are pre-construction services?

Preconstruction services are the first step in developing a new construction project. Both residential and commercial preconstruction services may include acquiring the necessary permits, brainstorming architectural designs, planning crucial engineering components, and drafting blueprints, schematic visuals, and other construction documents. Preconstruction is arguably the most important phase of the entire building process and must be executed with meticulous attention to detail and thorough planning.

What is the design process of a commercial building?

The first step in commercial building design is site planning, which is the process of determining the size and layout of the site, parking requirements, and critical support structures. After site planning is complete, our engineers work alongside our architects to develop schematic designs that illustrate the appearance and scope of the project, including high-level design concepts and various elements such as electrical, drainage, and pedestrian circulation. This step of the building design process allows for collaboration until the client and contractor have derived a final building plan from the brainstorming and planning process.

How do I get a building permit?

You might be thinking that the process of getting a building permit is going to be frustrating and time-consuming and overwhelming — you’re right. First, you’ll need to draft some basic plans for what you want to build; then, you’ll have to contact your local building office and work with them to complete a series of steps that will result in the approval or denial of your permit request. Commercial building permits are especially complicated to obtain, but don’t stress: we’ve got you covered. When you appoint Cook Builders as your commercial contractor, we handle all of the gruntwork required to obtain your permits and any other construction documents you may need.


Word on the Street is… We Rock

Our clients keep us going strong with positive referrals and glowing testimonials. Here’s what some have to say about their experience with Cook Builders.

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