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Constructing light industrial buildings requires unique expertise and a commitment to solving problems. With our extreme attention to detail and dedication to communication, we construct exceptional light industrial buildings that serve companies for many years to come. With headquarters in Salt Lake City and locations in Las Vegas and San Diego, we provide construction services throughout the Western United States. Over the years, we’ve consistently proven ourselves as expert industrial builders through our dedication to craftsmanship and honest, reliable work.

Industrial Construction Services

Cook Builders are diversified industrial builders with a proven track record of accomplishing any build. What sets us apart from the rest? Our team is comprised of a dedicated, skilled workforce and experienced management. We can build exactly what your company needs using cutting-edge technology and equipment—down to every detail. With a commitment to meeting deadlines and emphasizing safety and compliance, you won’t find another builder like us. We have the know-how to complete your light industrial construction project on time and, most importantly, exceed your standards.

What can we do for your company? Here are just a few of our comprehensive services.

Industrial grading excavation, reclamation, and demolition in Utah

Site Preparation and Grading

Your project begins with site grading and preparation. Ensuring that this step has been completed successfully significantly impacts the feasibility and durability of your project. We offer these services to any client, whether you’re building or need grading.

Cook Builders general contractor pours industrial concrete foundation at Utah construction site work

Foundation and Structural Work

We take pride in providing exceptional foundation and structural work for any building we construct. We specialize in forming and installing structural concrete foundations, walls, grade beams, flatwork, etc. Our concrete team will tackle every detail of your build, from concrete placement to finishing, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Industrial building construction in Utah

Industrial Building Construction and Expansion

Whether you need a new build or to expand your space, the meticulous contractors at Cook Builders can do it. Because of the increased demand for industrial spaces throughout the West, our project management team knows how to create the space you need.

Heavy industrial machinery equipment installed in light manufacturing & processing plant

Industrial Equipment Installation

Cook Builders understands that each industrial facility requires unique equipment and machinery to function correctly. We are experienced mechanical installation contractors who can deliver exceptional outcomes for equipment installation projects in Utah and nearby areas.

Industrial contractor completes industrial machinery equipment installation and maintenance in light manufacturing facility

Maintenance and Renovations

Every industrial building needs occasional maintenance and renovations. If your current industrial space needs updating or renovating, let the team at Cook Builders take care of the entire process. We’ll get the job done on time and within budget.

Industrial General Contractors

As premier industrial contractors, we’ve completed many projects. Whether you need storage facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, flex storage, light manufacturing, light assembly, cold storage, or manufacturing buildings, we have the experience to build them all. Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Specializing in Light Industrial Construction

With over 55 years of combined commercial construction experience, our expertise as industrial builders is unmatched. From tenant build-outs to light manufacturing facilities, we have the expert knowledge to tackle your company’s needs.

Meet Our Industrial Construction Managers

Jonathan Eyzaguirre - Cook Builders VP of Construction - Utah commercial contractor


Project Manager

Rob Bown - Cook Builders Superintendent - - Utah commercial contractor

Rob Bown


Industrial Safety and Compliance

We don’t underestimate the importance of safety at each of our worksites. At Cook Builders, we understand that providing a safe workplace is critical for our workers and essential for completing your building. Compliance with OSHA procedures and regulations is our top priority and something we take very seriously. Alongside our commitment to safety, we follow all building codes and regulations.


Word on the Street is… We Rock

Cook Builders has a reputation for delivering quality work on time and within budget. See what our customers have to say about our commercial construction & remodeling services.

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