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Cook Builders provides a range of tenant improvements, from commercial countertops & windows to full-blown office remodels. Have a project in mind? Let’s talk details. Request a bid now to get started.

Top-to-Bottom Tenant Improvements

At Cook Builders, our Utah-based tenant improvement contractors provide full-service professional tenant improvements to carry out your remodeling construction project from start to finish. From installing brand-new windows & updating commercial countertops to full-blown office remodels our seasoned TI contractors are here to make sure all of your needs and expectations are met and exceeded.

tenant improvement for commercial building entrances and waiting rooms

Office Remodels, Renovations, & Tenant Build-Outs

Refresh your commercial business space and enhance functionality with professional tenant improvement construction. Cook Builders is one of the highest-rated office remodeling companies in the state, our experienced tenant improvement contractors offer a full range of tenant build-outs and tenant improvement services for a variety of industries. Request a bid to get started!

exterior tenant improvements - installed new windows and skylights

Exterior Improvements (windows, doors, skylights)

Liven up your location with commercial window installation and door replacements. We can help you create a well-lit space that feels open and inviting with grand doorways, large windows, and even commercial skylight installation.

Finished commercial countertops installed by Cook Builders tenant improvement contractors in Utah

Commercial Countertops

For a business aesthetic that feels new, clean, and professional, round out your office remodel with high-quality commercial countertops. We use only the best materials and installation techniques to ensure an attractive and durable finish.

The Best Tenant Improvement Contractors in the Business

Cook Builders is backed by over 55 years of combined experience, countless referrals, and a history of completing projects on time and in style. Our team is the one you can trust for dependable work, exceptional craftsmanship, and transparent communication. Let’s work together to bring your project to life.

Meet Our Tenant Improvement Managers

Jonathan Eyzaguirre - Cook Builders VP of Construction - Utah commercial contractor


Project Manager

Rob Bown - Cook Builders Superintendent - - Utah commercial contractor

Rob Bown


Tenant Improvement FAQs

Don’t See an Answer to Your Questions? Feel Free to Reach Out!

What are tenant improvements?

The basic definition of tenant improvements, otherwise known as leasehold improvements, are any customized alterations a building owner makes as part of a lease agreement. Many tenants or business owners buying a new lease may ask for changes to the physical space that better accommodate their company’s needs. A few examples of tenant improvements include adding offices, kitchen, additional bathrooms, conference rooms, or customized color schemes.

Is tenant improvement an asset?

Incentivizing lease buyers includes tenant improvements, which are considered an asset of the lease. These improvements usually come in the form of a TI allowance. The improvement allowance is either a fixed amount or based on a certain price per square foot. You should discuss the terms related to the taxable asset with a financial advisor for distinct information.

How does a tenant improvement allowance work?

One of the most common tenant improvements that landlord pay for in a commercial lease is a tenant lease improvement allowance. The changes that a tenant asks for should fit within those pre-arranged means. If the cost of improvements exceeds that TI allowance, the tenant must pay the difference. Usually, those numbers breakdown by price-per-square-foot or a total sum. Some landlords are flexible and willing to negotiate the TI allowance, especially if the rental market is doing well.

What is the difference between leasehold improvements and building improvements?

A building improvement is a change done by the building owner that improves function, increases value, or extends use. Leasehold or tenant improvements are made for a specific tenant’s benefit. The Internal Revenue Service also treats these different types very differently.

What are the most worthwhile tenant improvements?

Tenant or leasehold improvements are made to the interior of commercial spaces. The type of tenant improvements that are the most worthwhile, depends on the business leasing the building. If you are making changes beyond the basics, a few to consider include break rooms, additional meeting spaces, reception areas, high-efficiency lighting, upgraded HVAC systems, and increased ceiling height.


Word on the Street is… We Rock

Cook Builders has a reputation for delivering quality work on time and within budget. See what our customers have to say about our commercial construction & remodeling services.

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