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To help you better understand what it takes to turn acres of land into a commercial building, let’s discuss the minds behind the masterpiece—commercial contractors.

What is a commercial contractor?

Sure, we have all heard the term ‘commercial contractor,’ ‘general contractor,’ ‘building contractor,’ etc. But have you ever understood what a commercial contractor actually is? The definition of a commercial contractor is someone who manages and implements construction jobs for businesses. Unlike residential contractors, commercial contractors work on office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and other structures that house businesses.

Typically, a commercial general contractor is in charge of overseeing the construction project. These contractors work with low-level employees coordinating projects, understanding timelines, and managing the overall plan for better productivity. Commercial contractors also coordinate with business owners to make their vision come to life.

What do commercial general contractors do?

When learning more about commercial general contractors you must understand the type of work they do. As the name suggests, commercial contractors are general contractors who specialize in the creation of commercial buildings. Unlike a residential contractor who works on building homes, commercial general contractors work on commercial projects, including the construction and remodeling of schools, offices, restaurants, retail locations, and more.

As mentioned earlier, commercial general contractors oversee the construction process. Working with their team and the client they manage all stages of construction, including:

  • Project Design
  • Building Permit
  • Zoning
  • Supply Purchasing
  • Building Codes
  • Timelines
  • Budgeting

The commercial general contracting job is challenging. While the difficulty depends on the type and scope of the project, most commercial construction requires specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. Commercial contractors are especially helpful in obtaining building permits, managing regulations, and adhering to necessary requirements and codes. It is their expertise that can speed up project completion. Without their knowledge and skills, business owners can find themselves looking around without a clue why their project timeline keeps getting pushed back again and again.

What kind of work do commercial contractors do?

Commercial contractor work is one a lot larger scale than residential contractors. While they hold many of the same responsibilities, commercial contracting involves more complexity on a larger magnitude. Along with adhering to specific processes and budgets, commercial contractors must make sure the project is timely, include accurate estimating and perform expertly.

For example, commercial contracting and residential contracting both have a standard of building codes they must follow. While residential codes are not easily managed, commercial building codes take things up a few notches. The contractor must follow a higher set of standards to make their building accessible to the public. Not only do they work with the business owners to fit these standards, but they must make sure their plans follow stringent code requirements. A few of these include accessibility in regards to the Americans with Disabilities Act, fire safety, OSHA compliance, and more.

As you look for a commercial contractor for your next project, find one who understands the requirements of local sanctions. Working with a contractor who has experience in your area will help minimize the time it takes for them to navigate these complex areas of focus.

What is commercial construction work?

General contractors can span a few areas of construction, including design, builds, renovations, and remodels. Commercial development is an avenue of general contracting that focuses on the building, leasing, and selling in the private sector. The areas commercial contractors typically find the most work is in the construction of offices, manufacturing plants, retail locations, shopping centers, medical centers, and more. These projects vary in size and scale but involve a variety of specialties that commercial construction workers understand from experience.

On a large-scale, commercial construction includes total ground-up construction. From the design and the architecture to the finished product, commercial contractors are there working day and night to deliver a project that meets the highest of standards. Those working in commercial construction must work together to provide a building that adheres to local building codes and ordinances while meeting the design expectations.

All in all, commercial construction is a building project in the private or government structure that updates or builds a structure. Working with a contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable in the commercial construction field will ensure the best chance of success.

What are the roles/responsibilities of a contractor?

The primary duties of a commercial contractor involve managing the scope of the project. By developing a construction plan that includes identifying key roles, outlining project requirements, and setting goals/ expectations, contractors will successfully deliver a complete project.

A commercial contractor generally has the most influence on the project. A contractor is responsible for the following details on a commercial project:

  • Finding sub-contractors
  • Building permits application
  • Securing the property
  • Providing facilities on-site during construction
  • On-site personnel management
  • Site survey
  • Site engineering
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Time management
  • Budget adherence
  • Project safety

Not only does a commercial contractor hold these responsibilities, but they are the person held accountable to the client. Working closely with the client and the team, a commercial contractor can find a happy medium where all parties are satisfied.

How to choose a commercial contractor

After looking at the type of work a commercial contractor does, it is easy to see that it is not a job that you should give to just anyone. Business owners must take time finding a commercial contractor that fits their needs and establishes professionalism in the industry. The contractor you choose for your project should establish peace of mind, trust, and ensure that they are the best equipped to handle the job.

As you look for a commercial contractor, try and find someone who has all the right makings of a great contractor. These can/should include:

  • Industry Experience
  • Communicative
  • Properly Licensed
  • Offers Fair Bid
  • Timely Work
  • Trusted Reputation/ Referrals

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