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If you feel like your space needs a refresh, you’re likely overdue for one. The good news is that commercial remodeling offers benefits beyond aesthetics; your investment can improve safety, morale, productivity, and profits. Through our experience as commercial remodeling contractors, Cook Builders gets a first-hand look at the benefits of commercial remodeling in Utah — as well as the trends that drive it.

Whether through leasehold improvements in the commercial tenant improvement agreement when the building is leased or later renovations, commercial remodeling is subject to changing trends just like any other area of construction and design. Let’s take a closer look at what trends are most likely to show up over the coming year in Utah.

Commercial Remodeling: Trends We Foresee for the Next Year

Heading into 2023, commercial building contractors and commercial remodeling contractors can expect to see a continuation in demand for renovations made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These commercial remodel projects can include updates to the ventilation systems or improved technology infrastructure to more easily accommodate remote work or touchless points of sale. They can also involve expanding or redesigning existing structures to create open, collaborative workspaces that help people work closely without crowding.

Much of the commercial remodeling in Utah and across the country is also done to add energy efficiency. Commercial building contractors can expect designs to call for high-quality lighting, efficient HVAC, and flow-reducing fixtures. Some renovations include additional weatherproofing, better insulation, or installing energy-efficient windows.

Another remodel we see a lot seems to be among the commercial renovation trends every year—rebranding. While no one company rebrands every year, every year, some company rebrands. When that company has franchise locations, the impact on commercial construction can be huge.

Most of these commercial renovation projects can be addressed through commercial tenant improvements during leasing. Some commercial properties will require heavier renovations that may require further negotiations between the building owner, the business owner, and the remodeling contractors.

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A Closer Look at Industry-Specific Trends

A commercial building can house a variety of different businesses. Each business will have its own renovation needs depending on its industry. For example, an office building will need a different layout and have different HVAC needs than a warehouse. These differences create separate commercial renovation trends across each industry.

Retail Remodeling Trends

The retail world continues to see more and more shopping going online. However, for the stores that remain brick and mortar, the trends are leaning toward safety and efficiency as well as improved multi-sensory experiences. Renovation construction projects for retail may include improving the air filtration system to protect the air quality in the store. A retail renovation project can also mean expansions or redesigns to make room for enhanced displays or a more relaxing environment. Sometimes improving the flow also means moving or adding a point-of-sale station. It can also mean upgrading the technology at some or all of the point-of-sale stations to accept modern, touchless payment methods.

Along with the safety trends, retail is also where we see a lot of rebranding projects. These projects can include anything from a simple paint job and updating the color scheme, to a complete redesign of the building.

Warehouse & Distribution Remodeling Trends

The world of logistics is where we see many trends toward energy efficiency. Warehouses and distribution centers tend to be large facilities requiring a lot of energy to heat or cool. Often the inventory in these huge buildings requires climate control, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Keeping warehouses and distribution centers at optimal temperatures as cost-effectively as possible is driving the trend toward energy efficiency. The commercial renovation projects we see include upgrades to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We also see businesses improving their insulation. That often means replacing doors and windows with more thermally efficient models.

Some businesses looking for energy efficiency even opt for adding solar panels on the roof to supplement the energy costs.

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Healthcare Facilities Remodeling Trends

The healthcare industry was hit hard by the pandemic, and it caused many changes in how hospitals and other medical facilities operate.

Many medical facilities had to expand their capacity quickly. Some of that expansion was needed so fast that workers put up temporary barriers. Now those temporary expansions are being turned into permanent remodels.
Through handling unprecedented caseloads with often understaffed teams, healthcare facilities also learned a lot about workflow efficiency. Some of those efficiency improvements can take hold long-term by redesigning and remodeling some parts of the facility. Some renovation projects that could help continue those added efficiencies include adding or moving nurse stations, adding more bunking areas, or rerouting power needs to newly designated areas.

Multifamily Remodeling Trends

The trends in the rental market are similar to those in distribution. Apartment complexes are big buildings. They need energy efficiency to remain cost-effective. Also, many potential tenants are concerned about energy efficiency because of the impact the energy industry can have on the climate. So, when landlords and building owners make improvements, like upgrading to energy-efficient doors and windows, they not only save costs but are also more likely to acquire and retain tenants.

Upgrading to modern fixtures, faucets, and appliances also helps attract tenants.

Dental Remodeling Trends

The up close and personal nature of dentistry makes it unique. In addition to all the medical safeguards put in place to help prevent disease transfer, dentist’s offices are also upgrading their ventilation systems. While HVAC systems are often thought of as temperature control, they also significantly affect air quality.

Upgrade your HVAC and its filtration system to keep the air in your dental office space as clean as possible.

Restaurant Remodeling Trends

The restaurant remodeling trends are essentially a combination of retail and dental trends.

Restaurant owners recognize the difference in people’s dining habits. Many more people either pick up their food to go or order from a food delivery service like Doordash or UberEats. Some restaurants are remodeling their building to add a separate “to go” point of sale to help keep things running quickly without interfering with the dine-in experience.

In response to health and safety concerns, some restaurants are redesigning their layout to give more customers more space. Some are also upgrading their ventilation systems.

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Introduce These Trends to Your Next Project with Help from Utah’s #1 Commercial Remodeling Contractors

As you can see, a lot is happening in commercial remodeling. When you’re ready to upgrade your commercial space, get help from Cook Builders. We provide expert commercial construction services and remodeling services. We have experience in every aspect of the construction process. That allows us to quickly navigate any challenges that arise to keep your construction project on time.

Remodel your business or commercial space to keep up with modern trends with help from Cook Builders.