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Is your office feeling dated? Just like homes, offices and retail spaces need to be refreshed now and again to feel new and inspiring to your team and customers once again. Whether you’re looking to create an open-concept office space or just want to refresh some tired interior design, the commercial office remodeling contractor you choose to hire is the most important decision you’ll make.

If you are ready to remodel your Utah office, Cook Builders is one of the highest-rated commercial building remodeling contractors in Utah. If you’re ready to jump into your next office remodel project, request a free bid below. We’ll review your project and be in touch in just a couple of days.

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Modern Office Remodel

A chance to remodel your office is a chance to change the functionality, ambiance, and practicality. Changes can be minor, such as an upgrade in furniture and a fresh coat of paint, or much larger, such as structural changes or additions to the building.

You may be moving into an existing space and need to modify it to meet your business’s specific needs. You may need to bring the building up to code or conform to industry standards. Or, you may be looking for a fresh space with upgraded amenities that will increase customer traffic and motivate employees. Whatever your reason, and whatever your project scope, hiring an office remodeling company can ease the process.

What we do

Office Remodeling Contractor

If your office renovations are essentially cosmetic and architectural changes are minimal, hiring a general contractor makes the most sense. When you hire a company like Cook Builders in a contracting role, you (the project owner) retain the risk and pay the contractor additional fees when design changes occur.

However, if your renovations are more extensive and larger in scope, hiring an office remodeling company makes more sense. In this relationship, the remodeling company is responsible for the bulk of the remodeling process, including (but not limited to):


Cook Builders are honest, reliable, highly rated, and proven craftsman based in Utah. 90% of our business comes from referrals and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We specialize in a variety of commercial sectors that can meet your unique needs, including:

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See for yourself what our happy customers have to say:

Cook Builders completes projects in the given time frame and on budget. The experience of the employees means you are getting the best service possible. I have worked closely with Nate for several months now and can attest to his knowledge and grit in doing the thing he says he will do.

– Jonathan R.

It was very stressful at first when we needed to look for a general contractor to build our new office. We are blessed as we have found Cook Builders online. Not only is the project done, but Nate Cook has made it a very pleasant experience for both of us. Nate would meet with us weekly plus anytime upon demand. He was attentive to our needs and to the details of the construction. He would give his true opinions and shared his expertise in the entire construction process.

– BKP Dental

Highest customer service, and probably the most understanding, and helpful company out there. You can tell they are more focused on their customers and helping them build exactly what they want. They allow people to get quality custom work at any budget.

– Kyle M.

Commercial Office Remodeling: What the Process Looks Like

The first step in our office remodel process is to determine what kind of remodel it will be. Some of the most common remodels, discussed more in depth below, are:

  • Commercial remodel projects
  • Tenant improvement (TI) projects
  • Commercial building additions


Commercial remodels occur when your business no longer works in the space you have. Instead of building a new building or moving to another existing building, you decide to remodel and make the space work for you. commercial remodels cost significantly less than buying a new facility or building a new facility, and can often deliver exactly what you need for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Commercial remodels often occur when:

  • Your business is growing and you need to expand to meet your growing needs
  • Your business is changing, requiring the space to change as well
  • Your business requires updated technology, equipment or office space

Tenant Improvement

Tenant improvement (TI) projects are renovation projects that occur when a business owner is renting his or her office space but wishes to make changes to the space. In this case, the property owner will need to agree with the changes being made, and both parties must be on board with the budget, schedule, and changes. TI construction projects benefit both the owner and the tenant, as remodels often increase property values and business. In this type of construction project, the office remodeling contractor will work and keep in close communication with both parties.

Commercial Building Addition

If your space is simply too small for your growing needs, adding onto an existing facility can be a more simple and cost-effective option than moving to a new space or facility. You can remain at a location that your customers know and recognize while allowing your business to grow. You can also make remodels in the existing structure at the same time, enabling the space you work in to work for you.

While these are three common remodels, we also know that every project is unique. Our team can determine what type of remodel is right for you, after discussing your expectations and budget.

Office Remodels FAQs

Can you remodel a rented commercial space?

Yes. Most businesses need to customize the commercial space they rent to fit their needs. Necessary renovation costs are often negotiated as part of the lease with the landlord. These are known as “tenant improvements.” You may be able to negotiate more tenant improvements with the building owner when you renew your lease. You might even be able to use a remodel proposal to initiate a renegotiation of your lease between renewals.

How do you remodel a commercial office space?

If you own your commercial space, you can start your remodel by drawing up plans or contacting an architect or local commercial builder to do it for you. Once you have the plans, you can begin filing for all the permits (or work with a builder who handles that for you).

Remodeling a commercial office space you rent will require a written agreement between you and your landlord stating who will cover which expenses and which will be reimbursed later. You will also need the landlord to approve any remodel design plans. These two steps sometimes require several rounds of negotiations to agree on the budget, scope, and scale of the remodel. After you agree upon the plans and the funding, you can begin the project.

The simplest way to handle the process is to contact a construction company, like Cook Builders, which has experience working on commercial remodels. Choose a builder that can create the remodel designs in-house and understands how to keep the tenant improvements easy for your landlord. Good builders will file all the paperwork for permits and zoning, so you don’t have to become a construction expert just to remodel your store.

How much does a commercial remodeling project cost?

There’s no generic price for a commercial remodeling project. The cost will depend on the remodel’s scale and materials’ costs at the time they’re ordered. The simplest way to figure out how much your specific project will cost is to request a bid from a few builders. That should give you a rough idea of a ballpark figure. If the bids come back drastically different, check the line items and proposed materials listed to ensure the cost difference wasn’t a misunderstanding of the project.

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