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Constructing a retail space brings unique obstacles that other construction projects don’t. Here’s what you need to know about retail construction and how to navigate its various challenges.

So, what is retail construction?

Retail construction is a term that refers to renovating or building a store, restaurant, or other commercial space. Although these projects require special attention, many commercial construction companies offer retail construction services.

How does retail construction differ from other types of commercial construction projects?

Every commercial construction project faces zoning and environmental restrictions. However, builders face an even more challenging task when building retail space because they also have to consider everything about customer interactions.

Retail construction companies must meet all the usual regulations of commercial construction while also creating a safe and efficient space for consumers and following all the client’s marketing guidelines.

These additional considerations compound when you want to build multiple retail locations in different areas, yet maintain the same look and feel for all of them — as is the case with many franchised businesses.

For example, building a new, free-standing structure for one location of your fast-food franchise and retrofitting an existing space in a strip mall for another will create a lot of challenges. Crafting both spaces to give your customers a consistent and convenient experience with your brand requires two entirely different construction plans that should lead to the same result.

And that’s just two locations; add a third in a building with a difficult landlord or another county with different regulations, and you can see how these projects get complex quickly.

Experienced retail construction companies like Cook Builders can handle these multi-layered challenges. They can navigate all the regulations and unexpected changes to deliver the final results you need.

What are some examples of retail construction in Utah?

While many of the goals of retail space may remain consistent from client to client, they often reach those goals through strikingly different designs.

Examples Of Retail Construction in Utah

See more examples of Cook Builders’ commercial construction projects in Utah.

Considering all the variables, you should start your retail construction project as soon as possible. Give yourself as much time as you can to work through any design or construction issues that may pop up as your project progresses. You should also choose an experienced retail construction company to help you minimize the problems and their impact.

What’s trending in retail construction right now?

Health and Safety

Some of the recent changes to help reduce the spread of illness will endure going forward. Future retail construction projects should expect larger spaces, more ventilation, dividers, and touchless technology.


Speaking of technology, expect even more integration. Businesses have already seen an increased number of wireless payment methods and “cashier-less” shopping. More retail storefront tech innovations are quickly reshaping inventory systems, digital signage, and retail security systems. Retail construction companies will need the agility to adapt to the latest technology quickly.

Costs and Delays

Plan for higher construction costs and supply delays. Just as the supply backlog is still recovering from pandemic delays, a new threat to supply chains has emerged. Political sanctions and physical impediments stemming from the conflict in Ukraine could have long-term effects on global supply chains, including those used for acquiring building materials. Plan for higher budgets and longer timeframes into the plans for your future retail construction projects.

What are the most important criteria to look for in retail construction contractors?

Choose a retail construction company that can help you from the initial planning and design phase, all the way to the closing of the project, no matter what you encounter. That usually means hiring a construction company with experience building in the local area. Such builders will have experience with local regulations and may even have existing professional relationships that help streamline your project.

Your builder should also have experience building retail spaces specifically, not just general commercial construction.

The builder you choose should offer the following services. This demonstrates they can handle the various complexities involved in retail construction:

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Retail Contracting
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling

Cook Builders are Utah’s Retail Construction Experts

The simple way to find the right retail construction company in Utah is to go with Cook Builders. Cook Builders has the experience to navigate all the local zoning, environmental restrictions, and legal regulations.

The experienced team at Cook Builders can help you design, plan, and construct your retail space. Whether you need to retrofit an existing suite, remodel a storefront, or build a brand new structure, Cook Builders is your go-to retail construction expert in Utah.

Contact Cook Builders for all your construction needs.