Tenant Improvements

Who your General Contractor is sets the trend of your build. If you need Tenant Improvements or Commercial Remodels. Choose the best in Utah, Cook Builder's! We only use the highest quality materials, processes, and sub contractors. If we are your general contracting company. We accept nothing but the best. No matter the job, we guarantee to do everything we can to ensure your project is built the best, and you get the best price. Our bidding process is well thought out. When you receive our bid you can rest assured that it is well planed, and thought out. You won't have to worry about agreeing to pay one price then different things constantly added in later. We can't guarantee there wont be any costs added later. In Tenant Improvements, Commercial Construction, and Commercial Remodels. You will always have costs that end up added on. That's just the nature of construction. What we will do is help to show you all areas that will cost extra later, and provide you a range. We make sure you're away upfront on any costs that are not able to be determined up front.

Commercial Remodels

Need a Tenant Improvement, Commercial Renovation, or Commercial Remodel? No matter the task we can provide exactly what you are looking for. With our vast knowledge in commercial construction. We can make sure your project is done right, done on schedule, and ends on budget. All while ensuring it is exactly how you want it. As your General Contractor's,  we will assist you from the start of the design process to the end of the construction process, and long after. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and take pride in our work.

Recent Tenant Improvements & Commercial Remodels

Our Commercial Services Include

  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Blue Print & Construction Documents
  • Building Permit Processing
  • Commercial Tenant Improvement

  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC

Commercial Construction Utah

  • Painting Interior & Exterior
  • Commercial Countertops
  • Windows Doors & Skylights
  • Flooring